A History and Commentary on the Tree of Life

In Memory of Michael Murphy

Posted in Commentary by revelation2seven on June 16, 2010

Dear friend,

Mike in Arizona, 2002

Thank you for visiting the revelation2seven blog.  Most of the writing under the panel “Contents” to your left was taken from http://www.revelation2seven.org, the original site where our late Michael Murphy, or “Papa” as he was lovingly called, faithfully recorded his epic work, culminating over 30 years of study into the esoteric mysteries of sacred text, the Tree of Life and their prophetic implications for our times.

I created this blog so that there could be an open communication amongst the readership—to make this a living work.  Mike always marveled at the promise of the internet and its implications for building a free and open society.  He always said, “They never really knew what they were doing when they created the internet” (speaking of the military establishment).  So I hope that all of you who come upon this work please at the very least, leave a comment.

The Tree of Life, the central and ancient symbol of what many know as Kaballah, has many dimensions to it.  It has become a recent fad to use the Tree of Life to practice various forms of magic as is seen in new age, or neo-shamanistic California counter.  Mike’s work was specifically focused on the kaballistic interpretation of history and the unfolding of the prophesies of Sacred Scripture as revealed in historic events, but most importantly as it is unfolding in our modern era.  These are touchy issues, as Biblical prophesy has been thoroughly defiled and there fore discredited (for a reason) by Fundamentalist Christianity and other forms of religious fanaticism.  Never the less, the secular left has thrown the baby out with the bath water by completely associating Christianity with fundamentalism and overlooking the vast treasure that is found in its esoteric and gnostic underpinnings.  This is not to say that spiritual wealth cannot be found in any religioun’s esoteric tradition.  It is very clear that, as Mike’s work painstakingly articulates, the nature of authentic Christianity, and the true, underlying aspiration of all religion for that matter, is nothing less than achieving oneness with God through Universal Love.  This does not necessarily mean abstract or transcendent love but the Love of and for God expressed through the actions and communication with one another in the here and now.  While some on the left may be intellectually and philosophically in agreement with this idea (with or without “God”), there are many other elements to the gnostic path that are critical to achieving this in practice.

Mike during visit to the Novaho Reservation

Perhaps what is most profound about Mike’s work is its incredible insight into history, including the darker and more violent aspects of history, as a continual manifestation of the Spirit’s creative will.  This is difficult for most people as most they hold on to the past with an understandable sense of bitterness, resentment or anger towards the unbearable crimes committed by human beings, holding them as proof that we cannot fully trust or love one other.  Many ask, “Why would God inflict such suffering and cruelty onto people if he really loved them?”  But from the Gnostic perspective, the historic suffering of humanity is the Holy Grail–the Womb of the Divine Mother which functions to shape and form the evolution of the Christ or universal and unconditional love expressed, not through one individual, but through the collective body of humanity as a mode by which the earth and subsequently, the entire physical universe becomes conscious of itself as the Body of God–God being the infinite presence of the masculine and feminine principle as ONE dynamic and indivisible WHOLEness (Holiness).

This realization, and the revelation (the revealing, or uncovering) of God’s eternal presence in every unfolding event, in every human being, in every living and non-living thing, moment to moment, through out history, is central to becoming fully aware, fully loving of this infinitely intelligent, unfathomable, holographic (as above, so below) wholeness, unity, ONENESS as the foundation for all Being.  To become fully aware of Its/His/Her presence in every moment, to realize that It/Him/Her is responsible for all that is, both the dark and the light, good and evil, is the first step in overcoming our own internal and subconscious struggle with it.  For when we are at a dis-ease with Life, with what is happening, what has happened, what might happen we are at dis-ease with the Source of Life, and, there for, with Life itself.  And so the key to peace is to make peace with God, with the totality of Life (which includes death)—to make peace with the past, the present and the future (which is all here in the present moment).

It has been a long road since I met Mike in Union Square.  It just a week after 9/11 and the air was thick with the pulverized debris of the twin towers—concrete, chemicals, metal, dead bodies.  It was also thick with the While in all my “worldly” activities, my path may have deviated somewhat from Mike’s deeply hermetic life, he has left a deep impression on my conscious mind.  I think about him often and I have never known anyone who ever touched me in the same way that he did.  He was truly a spiritual father for me and I am eternally indebted to him.  In a way, he was my “Obi Wan Kanobi.”  The one who found me and showed me the way of “the Force,” the way of The Matrix and the Ring of Power, and then departed before I, and the rest of his students, were fully initiated.  And like the journeyers in the Fellowship of the Ring after the fall of Gandalph the Grey (the great wizard in Tolkien’s Middle Earth), we were left, somewhat scattered, to find our own way.

So I have started this blog to breath new life into this journey.  May be a beacon to those seekers looking for some clues in their quest for understanding.  I also invite anyone so interested to help me in making this something trulyMike would start every day underlining and cutting out newspaper articles highlighting the prominent events of the day while referencing and noting corresponding scripture.  This was his Yoga.  One of the purposes of this site is to continue Mike’s work—to continue recording and documenting, to bare witness to, in this one place the current events and their correspondence to the prophesies of our ancestors.  As many of us have moved on to the internet as a source of news, I can imagine carrying on this practice and using this blog to continue that practice.  While most do not have that luxury, it is also a place for those who knew Mike to submit writing, whether just a comment or a personal essay, to pay homage to Mike, his work and his legacy.  If you are interested in contributing in either way please email me, and I will gladly give you an account.

At the table,



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  1. shoefitter8 said, on June 23, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    Hey if anyone is interested in studying these pages the work of “love”, we are reading Chapter 7. On the Name Jesus (Hesus) – http://www.revelation2seven.org/WebPages/Chapter7.htm

    At the table, love and peace…

  2. sharon lucero said, on July 20, 2010 at 6:39 am

    I read the articles and commentaries with a great sense of joy and hope, thank you for sharing with us , those memories of Papa that you have carried with you. Joy, because it is through the LIVING word that we all live….even those who are gone away from us for a time. I once again can see him in the words you have spoken. I see him as plainly as if he were sitting here, clipping his articles and sipping a cup of tea.His feet are tapping madly while a fleetwood mac CD plays on…. Hope , because if Papa were here, i am sure that this forum would excite him…interactive and alive. May we all meet here from time to time to sip the living waters and break bread. May we travel together on our spiritual paths of old, and give a turn of the wheel , with any luck , we will all push or pull in the right direction, at the right time…….and time will shift. We are almost there…. I don’t know why he could not stay to help us along , but he always said it would be up to us. The other side of this world must need some very powerful energy to guide us along because so many have left . And so now ..it is up to us. We all can contribute , some in large ways and some of us in our small humble ways. Even a little toe is a necessary part of the foot, and so we are at the foot of the great tree of life……the table is set. See you at the table!

    • revelation2seven said, on July 22, 2010 at 3:47 pm

      Hey Sharon! Thank you for your comment! I’m glad the site is offering you hope. Maybe u can post an article sometime.

    • shoefitter8 said, on July 26, 2010 at 8:46 pm

      Oh Sharon, you made me cry !!!!!!! I love you and am also glad to be part of the Great Wheel, and family of Love.

      At the ever growing table, thankful in my heart !

  3. Tina said, on October 10, 2013 at 1:14 am


    The TPP and the Slow-Motion Corporate Coup

    By Lori Wallach, Yes! Magazine

    09 December 12

    A highly secretive trade agreement aims to penalize countries that protect workers, consumers, and the environment. Luckily, the growing opposition goes beyond the usual trade justice suspects.

    hile the election season seized everyone’s attention, government officials and 600 official corporate “advisors” were working behind closed doors to complete the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

    Negotiations have been cloaked in unprecedented secrecy and its proponents have mislabeled the TPP as a “free trade” agreement. In reality, the TPP is about much more than trade. It threatens a stealthy, slow-motion corporate coup d’etat, formalizing and locking in corporate rule over most aspects of our lives.

    Thirteen years ago, at the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Seattle Ministerial, a similar threat in the form of a massive expansion of the powers and scope of the WTO was stopped.

    At the Battle in Seattle, the immovable object called grassroots democracy was victorious over the allegedly unstoppable force of corporate-led globalization. The “Doha Round,” which followed two years later and continued the attempt to expand the WTO’s reign, was alsoderailed thanks to tenacious campaigning by organizations and activists worldwide.

    Recalling these historic moments, when people power stopped the dangerous expansion of corporate power, is especially sweet today, when we must again act to safeguard these inspiring victories. All of us who will live with the results must become active to stop the TPP, the latest iteration of corporate coup via “trade” agreement.

    What Would the TPP Do?

    Eleven countries are now involved-Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, and the United States-and there is an open invitation for more to join. Think of the TPP as a NAFTA on steroids, which could encompass half of the world.

    This is the largest, most potentially damaging agreement since the 1995 establishment of the WTO. And you may never have heard about it before. That’s because the negotiations, which have been underway for three years, are being conducted in extreme secrecy. The public, Congress, and the press are locked out, but the 600 official corporate advisors have access to the negotiating texts.

    The TPP is the latest strategy by the same gang who got us into the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and pushed for the expansion of the WTO: American job-offshorers like GE and Caterpillar; banksters like Citi; pharmaceutical price-gouging giants like Pfizer; oil, gas, and mining multinationals like Chevron and Exxon; and agribusiness monopolists like Cargill and Monsanto.

    They’ve misbranded the TPP as a model 21st-Century “trade” deal to try to sell it with the usual false promises of it expanding exports. But only two of the TPP’s 29 chapters are about “trade.”

    Most of the TPP’s proposed provisions instead comprise a corporate power grab. The TPP would includeextreme protections for foreign investors, which would help corporations offshore American jobs to low-wage countries. These terms would require governments to provide foreign investors a guaranteed “minimum standard of treatment” when they relocate, including special privileges and rights that domestic firms and investors do not enjoy. Foreign firms-or foreign subsidiaries of U.S. firms-could extract unlimited amounts of taxpayer money as compensation when investors claim that U.S. government actions undermine a corporation’s expected future profits. Seriously.

    Equal Status for Corporations and Country

    The investor rules would elevate individual foreign firms and investors to the same status as the sovereign nations that would be party to the TPP. Corporations and investors would be empowered to privately enforce the agreement by suing a signatory government before the World Bank and other foreign tribunals. In this “investor-state dispute resolution,” three private-sector lawyers, who rotate between suing governments and acting as “judges,” could order governments to pay large amounts of our tax dollars to investors who do not want to follow the same laws as domestic firms.

    Under similar, if less grandiose, provisions in NAFTA, investors have been paid hundreds of millions of dollars in cases attacking bans on toxic chemicals, land use rules, and more. Phillip Morris Asia has attacked Australia’s cigarette plain packing law-which requires that health warnings be included in cigarette packaging-before such a tribunal. Australia announced in April that it will not agree to be bound to the investor-state regime in the TPP. Negotiators from the United States have declared that all TPP nations must submit to this regime.

    Either by winning an investor-state dispute or by preemptively putting a chill on government actions to address critical public needs, the TPP’s investor rights would impose an outer bound of the possible for communities and countries setting policies related to health, the environment, water, or other natural resources. There is almost no progressive movement or campaign whose goals are not threatened, while vast swaths of public-interest policy achieved through decades of struggle are poised to be undermined as these attacks proliferate.

    Progressive Achievements Rolled Back

    The TPP would also ban existing and future “Buy Local” and “Buy American” procurement policies. These are rules that direct federal and state governments to reinvest our tax dollars to create American jobs by buying domestically made cars, steel, food, and more, and by giving contracts to local construction firms or call centers firms.

    The TPP also would expose to attack green and sweat-free procurement rules that specify that only recycled paper, non-old-growth wood products, renewable-source energy, or products made under fair labor standards can be purchased with government funds. Under these terms, democracies would no longer be able to decide that we want to invest our tax dollars to create jobs at home or to create markets for green energy or morally produced goods. Instead, the TPP would require our governments to send our money offshore and spend it with firms trashing human rights and the environment.

    The TPP would limit financial regulation by forbidding bans on risky derivatives and other dangerous financial products, as well as the use of capital controls to counter wild surges of speculative investments in and out of countries, which destabilize the global economy. The massive financial firms that caused the financial crisis could use these terms to roll back the new financial regulations implemented in the U.S. and around the world.

    As far as health care goes, the TPP would grant new monopoly privileges to Big Pharma that would jack up medicine prices and cut consumers’ access to life-saving medicines in the developing countries involved in the TPP. There is a proposal to allow pharmaceutical firms to challenge the pricing decisions of cost-saving drug formularies, which are used by developing countries and, increasingly, by the United States, to bargain for better prices with drug firms.

    One chapter would even attack Internet freedom by imposing through the backdoor damaging aspects of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which citizen activism derailed in the U.S. Congress.

    A Trade Justice Coalition Emerges (Again)

    That’s only the tip of the iceberg. But it’s precisely the extreme nature of the TPP corporate wish list that is its greatest vulnerability-and our greatest opportunity. The 1-percenter TPP agenda would harm most of us in the United States and in the other countries involved. It can only survive if left shrouded in darkness. Citizen activists in many of the TPP countries are building an inspiring global movement implementing the “Dracula strategy” to drag the TPP into the sunshine so those who will have to live with its consequences can know what’s coming and take action.

    Civil society groups representing millions of members worldwide have joined together in raising the alarm. And, given the stunning audacity of the TPP’s prospective corporate power grab, activism is reaching beyond the environmental, consumer, labor, family farm, and access to medicines groups who have been the mainstay of movements against past “trade” agreement attacks. Amnesty International, the American Civil Liberties Union, Avaaz, Consumers International, tobacco controls groups, and many other organizations have become involved.

    From the United States to Australia and even to Malaysia (where any public gathering the authorities consider to be a protest is illegal and participants are subject to arrest), protests are growing. Outside each posh resort where TPP negotiators meet behind closed doors, citizens gather to chant “Flush the TPP,””Release the Text,” and “Peoples’ Needs, Not Corporate Greed!”

    At the next round of negotiations, which will be held in early December in Auckland, New Zealand, negotiators hope to finish several chapters of the deal, so they can sign the whole thing in the first quarter of 2013.

    Each of us can make a difference. Given the threats that the TPP poses to a stunningly broad range of fundamental rights and public needs, this is a fight-like the Battle in Seattle in 1999-that can unite a powerful coalition of movements. And it is people power that will be victorious against the TPP corporate power grab, if you help spread the word.


    We are concerned about a recent drift towards vitriol in the RSN Reader comments section. There is a fine line between moderation and censorship. No one likes a harsh or confrontational forum atmosphere. At the same time everyone wants to be able to express themselves freely. We’ll start by encouraging good judgment. If that doesn’t work we’ll have to ramp up the moderation.

    General guidelines: Avoid personal attacks on other forum members; Avoid remarks that are ethnically derogatory; Do not advocate violence, or any illegal activity.

    Remember that making the world better begins with responsible action.

    – The RSN Team

  4. Tina said, on October 10, 2013 at 1:16 am

    Vicky I have been trying to reach you….. check out the post i just left………

  5. Tina said, on October 11, 2013 at 12:14 am

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership
    Posted on April 4, 2013 by Philip
    The following article is reproduced with permission of the author, Nile Bowie. The full text is available at the following URL:
    Global Research – Tuesday 2nd April 2013
    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) an oppressive US-led free trade agreement, a corporate power-tool of the 1%
    by Nile Bowie
    One of the least discussed and least reported issues is the Obama administration’s effort to bring the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement to the forefront, an oppressive plurilateral US-led free trade agreement currently being negotiated with several Pacific Rim countries.
    Six hundred US corporate advisors have negotiated and had input into the TPP, and the proposed draft text has not been made available to the public, the press or policymakers. The level of secrecy surrounding the agreements is unparalleled – paramilitary teams scatter outside the premise of each round of discussions while helicopters loom overhead – media outlets impose a near-total blackout of reportage on the subject and US Senator Ron Wyden, the Chair of the Congressional Committee with jurisdiction over TPP, was denied access to the negotiation texts. “The majority of Congress is being kept in the dark as to the substance of the TPP negotiations, while representatives of U.S. corporations — like Halliburton, Chevron, PhaRMA, Comcast and the Motion Picture Association of America — are being consulted and made privy to details of the agreement,” said Wyden, in a floor statement to Congress.
    In addition to the United States, the countries participating in the negotiations include Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam. Japan has expressed its desire to become a negotiating partner, but not yet joined negotiation, partly due to public pressure to steer-clear. The TPP would impose punishing regulations that give multinational corporations unprecedented rights to demand taxpayer compensation for policies they think will undermine their expected future profits straight from the treasuries of participating nations – it would push the agenda of Big PhaRMA in the developing world to impose longer monopoly controls on drugs, drastically limiting access to affordable generic medications that people depend on. The TPP would undermine food safety by limiting labeling and forcing countries like the United States to import food that fails to meet its national safety standards, in addition to banning Buy America or Buy Local preferences.
    According to leaked draft texts, the TPP would also impose investor protections that incentivize offshoring jobs through special benefits for companies – the TPP stifles innovation by requiring internet service providers to police user-activity and treat small-scale individual downloads as large-scale for-profit violators. Most predictably, it would rollback regulation of finance capital predators on Wall Street by prohibiting bans on risky financial services and preventing signatory nations from exercising the ability to independently pursue monetary policy and issue capital controls – signatories must permit the free flow of derivatives, currency speculation and other manipulative financial instruments. The US-led partnership – which seeks to impose ‘Shock and Awe’ Globalization – aims to abolish the accountability of multinational corporations to the governments of countries with which they trade by making signatory governments accountable to corporations for costs imposed by national laws and regulations, including health, safety and environmental regulations.
    The proposed legislation on Intellectual Property will have enormous ramifications for TPP signatories, including Internet termination for households, businesses, and organizations as an accepted penalty for copyright infringement. Signatory nations would essentially submit themselves to oppressive IP restrictions designed by Hollywood’s copyright cartels, severely limiting their ability to digitally exchange information on sites like YouTube, where streaming videos are considered copyrightable. “Broader copyright and intellectual property rights demands by the US would lock up the Internet, stifle research and increase education costs, by extending existing generous copyright from 70 years to 120 years, and even making it a criminal offense to temporarily store files on a computer without authorization. The US, as a net exporter of digital information, would be the only party to benefit from this,” said Patricia Ranald, convener of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network.
    In the private investor-state that the TPP is attempting to establish, foreign corporations can sue national governments, submitting signatory countries to the jurisdiction of investor arbitral tribunals, staffed by private sector attorneys. International tribunals could have authority to order governments to pay unlimited cash compensation out of national treasuries to foreign corporations and investors if new or existing government policy hinders investors’ expected future profits. The domestic taxpayer in each signatory country must shoulder any compensation paid to private investors and foreign corporations, in addition to large hourly fees for tribunals and legal costs. A good example of how this agreement neuters national sovereignty comes from Malaysia, which was able to recover from the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis more quickly than its neighbors by introducing a series of capital control measures on the Malaysian ringgit to prevent external speculation – the TPP’s proposed measures would restrict signatory nations from exercising capital controls to prevent and mitigate financial crises and promote financial stability.
    The TPP regime ensures that foreign investors and multinational corporations retain full rights to undermine the sovereignty of participatory nations by skirting domestic regulations and limiting the abilities of national governments to issue independent economic policy. There has never been such a sweeping corporate assault on sovereignty, and that includes US sovereignty. Leaked TPP documents detail how the Obama administration intends to surrender US sovereignty to international tribunals that operate under World Bank and UN rules to settle disputes arising under the TPP, specifically designed to leave Congress out in the cold while creating a judicial authority higher than the US Supreme Court. In theory, the TPP would give international judicial entities the authority to override US laws, allowing foreign companies doing business in the United States the privilege of operating in a legal environment that would give them significant economic advantages over American companies that remain tied to US laws, placing domestic companies who do not move offshore at a competitive disadvantage.
    Facing the emergence of strong developing economies like the BRICS group and other nations that seek greater access to industrial growth and development, the Obama administration realizes that it must offer Pacific nations – who would otherwise have greater incentives in deepening economic ties with China – an attractive stake in the US economy. As the Pentagon repositions its military muscle to the Asia-Pacific region, the TPP is clearly the economic arm of the ‘Asia Pivot’ policy, roping strategic economies into a legally binding corporate-governance regime, lured in by the promise of unfettered access to US markets. The Obama administration is essentially prostituting the American consumer to foreign corporations to usher in a deal that would impose one-size-fits all international rules that even limit the US government’s right to regulate foreign investment and the appropriation of natural resources, solidifying a long-discussed model of finance capital-backed global governance.
    Of the 26 chapters of the proposed TPP draft text, it is reported that only two chapters cover trade issues, related to slashing tariffs and lifting quotas. The TPP would obligate the federal government to force US states to conform state laws to over a thousand pages of detailed stipulations and constraints unrelated to trade – from land use to intellectual property rights – authorizing the federal authorities to use all possible means to coax states to comply with TPP rules, even by imposing sanctions if they fail to do so. According to leaked documents, US standards for property rights protection would be swept away in favor of international property rights standards, as interpreted by TPP’s unelected international tribunals, giving investors principal control over public land and resources “that are not for the exclusive or predominant use and benefit of the government.”
    Due to the unconstitutional nature of the TPP, members of Congress would likely object to many of its stipulations – naturally, the Obama administration is employing its executive muscle to restrict congressional authority by operating under “fast-track authority,” a trade provision that requires Congress to review an FTA under limited debate in an accelerated time frame subject to a yes-or-no vote so as to assure foreign partners that the FTA, once signed, will not be changed during the legislative process. No formal steps have been taken to consult Congress as the agreement continues to be negotiated, and Obama looks set to subtly ram the treaty into law. Such is the toxic nature of US policies that seek to bring in disaster-capitalism on a global scale, while keeping those whose lives will be most affected by deal completely in the dark. The message behind this unfettered corporate smash and grab is simple – bend over!
    Recent statistics claim that the combined economic output of Brazil, China and India will surpass that of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States by 2020. More than 80% of the world’s middle class will live in the South by 2030, and what a different world that would be. The United States is economically ailing, and the TPP – Wall Street’s wet dream and Washington’s answer to its own dwindling economic performance – is designed to allow US big business a greater stake in the emerging Pacific region by imposing an exploitative economic model on signatory nations that exempt multinationals and private investors from any form of public accountability. The TPP’s origins go back to the second Bush administration, and it still remains in the negotiating phases under Obama’s second administration. The overwhelming lack of transparency surrounding the talks lends credence to what is known already – that the contents of this trade agreement serve the interests of those on the top of the economic food chain while the rest of us stagnate on the menu.
    [End of Article]
    *Nile Bowie is an independent political analyst and photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He can be reached at nilebowie “at”gmail.com
    Editor’s Note:
    People like Nile Bowie are fighting a great and noble battle against an evil enemy that is immeasurably stronger, so, everyone, give him all the support you can, including emailing him to give encouragement.
    And, of course, spread the word.
    Philip Gegan

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