A History and Commentary on the Tree of Life

Dion Fortune on Sex, Nature

Posted in Uncategorized by revelation2seven on July 9, 2010

Dion Fortune was a well known mystic and occultist in the early 20th century, a peer of Alister Crawly and Rudolph Steiner, and was the co-founder of the Society of the Inner Light and author of the Mystical Qabalah.  I was fascinated by this passage which she wrote on the nature of sex and nature–impressive, particularly for the time that she was in.

In understanding the relationship which sex has to polarizing force as a whole, we find the key to the right understanding of sex, and we can assess against a cosmic standard the teaching of psychology and morality relating thereto.  We can also see how it comes about that the subconscious mind of man can represent the sexes by so many and such diverse symbols, as the Freudians aver; and why sublimation of the sexual instinct is possible, as the the moralists aver.  Manifestation, then, is sexual insomuch as it takes place always in terms of the pairs of opposites; and sex is cosmic and spiritual because it has its roots in the Three Supernals.  We must learn not to dissociate the airy flower from the earth root, for the flower that is cut off from its root fades, and its seeds are barren; whereas the root, secure in mother earth, can produce flower after flower and bring their fruit to maturity.  Nature is greater and truer than than conventional morality, which is often nothing but taboo and totemism. Happy the people whose morality embodies Nature’s laws, for they shall lead harmonious lives and increase and multiply and possess the earth.  Unhappy the people whose morality is a savage system of taboos designed to propitiate an imaginary Moloch of a deity, for they shall be sterile and sinful.  Equally unhappy the people whose morality outrages the sanctity of natural process and in plucking the flower has no regard for the fruit, for they shall be diseased of body and corrupt of estate.


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