A History and Commentary on the Tree of Life

The Gospel of Peace

Posted in Commentary by revelation2seven on July 18, 2010

Many persons have questioned me about the wisdom of my path.  ‘Why are you speaking about the war Dr. King?  Why are you joining the voices of decent?  Peace and Civil Rights don’t mix,’ they say.  And so this mornign I speak to you on this issue.  Because I’m determined to take the gospel serisoulsy. There is at thou said to be a very obvious, an almost facile connection betten the war in Vietnam and the struggle that I and others have been waging in America.  A few years ago there was a shining moment in that struggle.  It seemed as if there was a real promise of hope for the poor, both black and white, through the poverty program.  Then came the build up in Vietnam, and I watched the program broken as if it were some idol political play-thing of a society gone mad on war, and I knew that America would never invest the necessary funds or energies in the rehabilitation of its poor so long as its ventures in Vietnam drew men and skills and money like some demonic, destructive suction tube.  And you may not know it my friends but it is estimated that we spend five hundred thousand dollars to kill each enemy soldier while we spend only fifty three dollars on each person classified as poor, and much of that fifty three dollars goes for salaries to people who are not poor.  And so I was increasingly compelled to see the war as an enemy of the poor, and attacked it as such. And perhaps the more tragic recognition of reality, took place when it became clear to me that the war was doing far more than devastating the hopes of the poor at home, it was sending their sons and their brothers and their husbands to fight and die, in extraordinarily high proportions relative to the rest of the population.  We were taking the black young men who had been crippled by society, and sending the eight thousand miles away to guarantee liberties in south east asia, for liberties that they had not found in south west georgia and East Harlem.  [click here to listen to the full speech]

Nearly two years ago I composed a song in honor of Martin Luther King and one of his most passionate attacks on the war in Vietnam, “The Sermon at Riverside.”  Dr. Kings true and most powerful message of universal peace and justice for all people, not just African American’s holds a particular weight in todays political climate.  It seems that his name has been watered down by a false celebration of his life by the government who has named buildings, schools, streets and even a national holiday after him.  The government has successfully fooled the American public into thinking that it somehow share’s their love for America’s Avatar of Peace, but continues its ritualistic crucifixion of all the virtues and principles in which he stood for.

And now we have President Obama, a man who many have thought would lead us to the promised land.  He promised us change, because it was “change” that we wanted.  We so gullibly bought into that campaign slogan.  We bought the artful propaganda.  But change has been slow to come.  And strangely, these wars in the Middle east persist under Obama’s watch while more and more  people in the US are kicked out of their homes.

It was this poetic irony that inspired me to compose the following song which I sampled and overlaid using MLK’s famous Sermon at Riverside Church, given a year to the day before his assassination at the Unitarian Church funded by my great-grandfather, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. in upper Manhattan.  I created it on GarageBand (an application developed by Apple (the fruit of knowledge?) Computer, a company financed in part by my great-uncle Laurence).  This speech was his most radical condemnation of the systemic violence and poverty perpetrated by the American establishment, the “Great Dragon”—the last great imperial incarnation of the spirit of Anti-Christ, the spirit of economic oppression, political deceit, racism and systemic violence (conducted under the name of Jesus Christ himself).

The Gospel of Peace (.mp3)

In the song, I sampled some words from the Reverend Wright, the famously betrayed pacifist and mentor of President Barack Obama.  His words are considerably more angry than Dr. King’s which some how took away from his effectiveness.  He made it easier for himself to be attacked by the right as an “extremist.”  Never the less, for me they are still powerful, particularly in light of the fact that he was so famously a mentor to our current President.  Which tells me that at some point he must have warned our president of this countries most fundamental violation of the doctrines of Christ.  But in Obama’s zeal to attain Presidential power, he overtly betrayed Wright and all of the teachings that Wright bestowed upon him, and complacently went along with the the “other right,” he succumbed to the Right Wing’s character assassination of the Reverend by publicly dismissing Wright’s supposed “anti-american” (anti-empire) language.

In my mind that was one of telling signs of Obama’s willingness to sacrifice his moral integrity for power.  He might as well have publicly dismissed Dr. King himself.  And today, he continues this terrible “O-bomb-a-nation,” (oh how tragically poetic is the word play here?) the refusal to end the illegal wars in the Middle East, illegally initiated by President Bush (we are supposedly leaving Iraq in September but we will of course continue to provide billions of dollars of financial and military support.  Afghanistan has no end in sight).  He has thus unwittingly continued this American Presidential tradition, swearing upon the Gospels of Peace and Universal Love, but acting upon his lower nature, willfully putting into force the most powerful fire power the world has ever seen, the United States Military Machine, all in the name of defending not the oppressed people of the world, but the most affluent and the economic system that serves them—the occult wizardry of high finance married to the raw physical power of fossil fuels, violently sucked from the earth’s crust into our atmosphere, and into an endless stream of soulless, disposable plastic commodities, toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  When will we stand up and admit to our deception?  For as Dr. King says “The time has come for America to hear the truth about this tragic war, [for] the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”


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