A History and Commentary on the Tree of Life

The Men Behind Obama–An Interview With Russel Tarpley

Posted in Commentary by revelation2seven on August 9, 2010

Everything in this interview is completely consistent with Mike’s projection.  Obama is the heir to Carter’s presidency.  He is completing what Carter himself did not—what Mike believed to be the perfection of the spirit of Anti-Christ.  As Tarpley explains, Obama has fallen Zbignew Brazinzki, author of The Grand Chess Board, former national security advisor to Carter and co-founder (with my grandfather) of the Trilateral Commission.  Brazinzki is the Carl Rove of what the republicans refer to as the “Liberal establishment. (For more on Brazinzki please read Michael Ruppert’s 2001 article, HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE?). But this is part of the smoke screen to make people believe that Obama, and the rest of the moderate democratic establishment is in someway on the anti-war left.  As soon as you look into Obama’s cabinet, his entire team is made up primarily of the economic hit men of high finance.  The right’s attack on Obama are a typical slight of hand establishment propaganda.  While they attack him on social issues, the left feels obliged to come to his defense.  Meanwhile the war in Afghanistan continues onward and the daily slaughter of innocent people has become background noise. What ever happened to “Not In Our Name”?

While the tone in this video is dark and invokes fear, my personal intention in posting this is not to invoke fear, anger, cast blame or point fingers.  But it is critical for those who have unconditionally supported Obama thus far to wake up and realize that the murder of people continues in our name and as long as it does so, Obama is not a man of peace and does not stand for us.

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